Welcoming the new stage of your life

As a new member of 26 group, I really think we shouldn’t judge ourselves just by our age. Although being old is matters for some people, I think the way we appreciated our special moment is more important than overthinking of numbers.

This year is the quietest birthday ever of my life. No fancy congratulations, just casual ones, but I do feel more blessed than ever. At some point I realise that I don’t need those birthday greetings from every person who knows me. Just best friend and family wishes already make me full of happiness. I’m really glad that I have you in my life, guys. :*

In this new stage, I hope that I can be a better person. I can love Allah not just by mouth and heart but with action. I can be more patient. I can love my parents more than before. I can get a new job which doesn’t make me feel far from God. I can meet someone who wills to teach me how to love Allah more. I can more appreciate those people who never tired of making me sure I’m worth to be fight. Yeah, those are pretty basic du’a, but don’t underestimate the power of du’a. You won’t know how strong your wishes influence your life until you make ones.

Wishing the good ones and erasing the bad ones are the best trick to be happy. I have just started using that trick too. We can try it together~ 🙂


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